let’s get writing – details for the upcoming workshop

Hey friends,

The details for left on mallory’s August 15 – September 19 workshop are out!

If you just want the details and sign up, do that here. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something to set your expectations for the workshop and get you excited, keep reading.

Have You Ever Felt Stuck?

Several months ago, I was at a strange place in my life. I had a degree in writing, I had a job where I could learn more about writing and that allowed me to write, but what I found I wanted to do most was just write for me, but I felt stuck.

I’m sure you’ve felt this too. It usually shows up when you’ve set prerequisites that keep you from writing. “I have to be inspired, I need to know more, I need to feel confident, I need to create more time,” were top ones for me.

But let’s stop talking about me, and you know what, let’s stop talking about you too. Because just talking about me writing or you writing sucks the passion right out of it.

Let’s Get Writing

This workshop is designed to help us write more or write better through community. Yes, it’s structured to help us learn a few things about the process and the principles behind a good story, but that’s not as important as just writing more.

And while we’re setting expectations, let’s drop the label “writer” for this 6 weeks. The fact that you are or are not a “writer” doesn’t matter here. Anyway, a “writer” is someone who writes, so if we’re writing, we’re writers and if we’re not, we’re not.

The Workshop’s One Prerequisite

With all that said, there is a single prerequisite for you to be in this workshop: you need a reason to be here.

By reason we mean a commitment to a goal. It doesn’t have to be a big one, or solid one, just an idea works, but you need a writing goal to come -because we want to help you get there.

Your goal can be immediate (I want to write a blog post), but don’t shy away from considering the dream you think can only happen “sometime,” like “I have this idea to [put your dream here].”  That’s the one we want to hear, because that’s the one we can jump start.

If you’re getting excited (or even still unsure), find out more details and sign up here!