Poetry workshop

Poetry Workshop


Thursdays, March 12 – April 23

Time: 6 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: The Lofts San Marco (1450 Flagler Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207)
Instructor: Andrea Collins
Cost: $50 (Covers the location and instructor honorarium). This is 100% refundable at anytime.
Workshop Limit: 8-10
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 9 (We’re sorry! Registration is now closed)

*Please fill out this short questionnaire to help us get to know you a little before the first session.

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About this Workshop

This workshop will help poets based in Jacksonville, FL cultivate their craft through group exercises and critique sessions.

A word from the instructor:

“As Wendy Bishop conveys, the transactional method completes the cycle between poet, text, & audience. My plan for this workshop is to structure sessions around specific poetry forms (villanelle, sestina, abecedarian or acrostic, list, concrete, etc.). Participants may be asked to research a specific form, then initiate discussions during a session.

To address process (the poet), we will have discussions about elements of poetry, the writing process, and maintain a workshop critique sheet (I prefer June Jordan’s guidelines for critiquing poetry). I would like to incorporate audience by hosting a reading by the poets and/or publish a small anthology of the resulting work. The final few days of the workshop sessions will be devoted to the revision process & readings.”

About Andrea Collins

Andrea Collins is a passionate writer, editor, activist, and creative writing instructor. She has been writing poetry, essays, and short stories since early childhood. Her work has appeared in publications, such as Plath Profiles, The Rumpus , Off the RocksBeach Unleash, Heart & Sole,and Bridge Eight. She is also the recent author of a compilation of research and creative writing, to include several installments of her memoir, many poems, and a creative writing workshop series developed for non-profit organizations called, “Designing and Conducting Writer’s Workshops to Awaken Social Consciousness.”

Endeavoring to provoke equality and compassion for all sentient beings, Andrea is an avid volunteer and advocate for animal rights and rescue. As a loyal servant of creative writing, people, and the natural world, her primary urge is to write witness poetry, writing that speaks to much of what she cannot change, poetry that is capable of changing her, and hopefully, a few of her readers.

Andrea is a graduate of Antioch University Midwest where she earned her Individualized Master of Arts in creative writing. She continues to develop her portfolio, facilitate her workshops, and cultivate meaningful relationships within her community and beyond.


This workshop is made possible in part by the team at Project Bubble. They provided the beautiful venue for the workshop.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact  jared@leftonmallory.com or Andrea Collins at andrea_s_collins@yahoo.com