fiction writer’s workshop

February 27 – April 3, 2014

Thursdays 7 – 9pm

Location | 1615 Mallory St.
Cost | $0
Workshop Limit | 10 writers*
Registration Status | CLOSED Be the first to know about the next workshop with our Workshop Alert emails. 

Who Should Participate?
Fiction writers. For this workshop that includes flash fiction, short fiction, novellas or novels. We know they’re different forms, but we think they still have similar principles. If you’re in the middle of a piece or just starting a new project, you’re more than welcome.

Since most of the value in this workshop is created by the participants, there will be a very small (and easy) selection process. Please don’t let this scare you away from signing up, we just want to do our best to provide you with the most value you can get.

How This Workshop Will Work
Unlike many writing workshops where there’s an instructor, the benefits of this workshop will derive primarily from the participants and their writing experience. We’ll all participate in discussion about what we’ve found to be true as we’ve analyzed our own writing. The strength of this workshop is in the community of writers.

Even without a primary instructor, this workshop will still be structured with topics for us to discuss and possibly assignments for us to take home. The structure will work as such:

Week 1
Group writing prompt & sharing
Discussion about where you get your ideas and how you start writing?

Week 2 – 6
Group Critique

Answers to your questions:

Can I just come for a few weeks?
We know life happens sometimes, but if you’re signing up, please take a second to look at your schedule to see if you can commit to all 6 weeks. It’s a free workshop, but for it to be valuable to you as a writer and others, you need to be there.

Should I read any books before coming?
It’s not required, but the idea for our discussions come primarily from these two books:

1. Stephen King: On Writing
2. Lisa Cron: Wired for Story

Both are excellent books.

What do I need to sign up?
Your name, email and something you’ve written (either a link or a shared document). This is not a writing competition, the writing sample only gives us the ability to put together a solid group of people.

Why don’t you have an instructor?
What sets left on mallory apart is its designation as a collective group of creatives. Having an instructor creates a dynamic of instructor and student – which is not something we’re ready to have just yet.

Have more questions?
Let us know! You can email Jared at with any and all of your questions.

*Why only 10 writers? Space in the workshop has to be limited to provide the most value to each writer. If a group is too big, each writer won’t get enough time “on the floor” to grow successfully towards their goal. But don’t let this stop you from signing up! The left on mallory community doesn’t have a limit and workshops are only one of the things we’re using to grow the writing culture in Jacksonville.