Principles behind crafting a story

August 15 – September 19, 2013

Thursdays 7 – 9pm
1615 Mallory St.

Workshop Limit | 8 – 10 people*

Sign Up Status | Closed. (Sorry, we’ve reached our capacity for this workshop, but you can still join our community. Just shoot Jared an email to find out more.)

The details by date:

August 15 –
We’ll get to know each other and talk about our expectations for the workshop. What you want to see happen, what your small goals are, what your big goals are and how we’re going to help each other get there.

Because the workshop is on story, we’ll be focusing on developing a story. Whether that’s a story in a blog post, interview, book, song, poem… we’ll talk a little bit about story and some of the key elements that make us love reading a story.

August 22, 29, September 5, 12, 19 –

The rest of the 5 weeks in the workshop will be dedicated to workshopping actual pieces that we write.

Before this freaks you out, “workshopping” refers to the process of discussing and looking into how our pieces are developing over the weeks. This could mean something as simple as talking about what’s stumping us and working through that, or sharing actual pieces of the work so the group can provide feedback.

One thing this does mean is that you will be expected to write. Each week, we’ll want to see or talk about what we’re writing, so the expectation is we will be writing at least once a week.

*Why only 8 – 10? Space in the workshop has to be limited to provide the most value to each writer. If a group is too big, each writer won’t get enough time “on the floor” to grow successfully towards their goal. But don’t let this stop you from signing up! The left on mallory community doesn’t have a limit and workshops are only one of the things we’re using to grow the writing culture in Jacksonville.