writing dialogue

November 7, 14 & 21, 2013

Thursdays 7 – 9pm
1615 Mallory St.

Workshop Limit | 10 – 12 writers*

Sign Up Status | CLOSED! This workshop is past.

What will the workshop cover?
This workshop will be an intensive look at how dialogue is written and its part in our writing as a whole. It is split into 3 weeks where we’ll talk about and practice 3 main topics: Dialogue and real life speech, formatting dialogue on the page and dialogue’s place in a piece of writing.

How will it work?
Unlike past workshops where we’ve brought in whole pieces for the group to read, we’ll have an assignment each week, that we’ll bring in and talk about. We’ll also have short discussions and writing exercises that we’ll do in house on Thursday nights.

What kind of writer should be there?
Any writer who wants to talk about and practice dialogue with us.

Where are you getting your information?
There’s no better resource than personal writing. Books and articles on dialogue will certainly be consulted, but this workshop will be a place to discuss how we’ve experienced dialogue in our lives and work it into our own writing.

Want to know more before you sign up?
We’d love to hear from you. Shoot Jared an email with any questions. (jaredrypkema@gmail.com)

*Why only 10 – 12 writers? Space in the workshop has to be limited to provide the most value to each writer. If a group is too big, each writer won’t get enough time “on the floor” to grow successfully towards their goal. But don’t let this stop you from signing up! The left on mallory community doesn’t have a limit and workshops are only one of the things we’re using to grow the writing culture in Jacksonville.