One of Left on Mallory’s main purposes is to be a community where writers have a place to connect and collaborate with other local writers. This is a creative network that gives you the connections, space and encouragement to improve your craft. If you’re a Jacksonville-based writer and would like to be part of our community, we’d love to have you.

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Still curious? Here are just a few Jacksonville-based writers who are part of our community.

Jared Rypkema | Host

Jared is the founder and host of Left on Mallory. By day, he works for a web app development company writing copy. When he’s not presenting their story, or even when he is, he hangs out at Bold Bean, writes what he wants on occasion, and connects with other writers in Jacksonville. Find him on Twitter at @jrypkema.

David Michalak

Husband, father, son, brother, Naval Aviator, and unashamed warrior poet. David will be the first to admit he knows absolutely nothing about writing, yet it is one of his biggest passions. When not flying the P-3 Orion for the Navy, he spends his time loving on his growing family and co-hosting the left on mallory community project with Jared.

Coe Douglas

Coe Douglas is a fiction writer, screenwriter, essayist, editor, and occasional filmmaker. He is the Managing Editor of Bridge Eight Magazine and has written for the Heavy Feather Review, Tampa Review Online, Elephant Journal, Workawesome, Freelance Switch, Metazen, Literary Orphans and others.

David Gehler

A native Ohioan who transplanted to Florida back in 1990, David Gehler earned his MFA in poetry from UF and MA from the Writing Seminars at Hopkins. For the past 25 years he’s taught English at two excellent prep schools, The University of Florida, The Johns Hopkins University, and Santa Fe College.  Besides an ongoing interest in the craft of poetry, he enjoys playing guitar, fishing, cooking and reading. He is also the Senior Poetry editor of Bridge Eight Literary Magazine’s first issue.

Jackie Hutchins

Jackie graduated from Connecticut College in 2010 with a degree in French and is currently pursuing an MFA in creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte. She writes short stories and has had two French-language poems published in the Parisian journal, Cahier du Baratin. She has a deep appreciation for coffee, chocolate, and sleeping in.

Rebecca Pearson

Over the course of many years, Rebecca has transformed from a person afraid to write to a person who is still afraid, but can’t help but do it anyway. She is finishing her final year at the University of North Florida, where she is majoring in English and writing some more as secretary of the International English Honor Society. She is also working on a trilogy that consumes the majority of her free time that isn’t really free. When she isn’t writing, she is trying to like black coffee and find ways to put her cat on a diet. Read her unnecessarily lengthy and sometimes relevant ramblings at

Emily Timbol

Emily Timbol is a blogger and author who writes faith, life and humor related essays. Her work can be found on the Huffington Post, The Burnside Writers Collective, XO Jane, Red Letter Christians, Christianity Today’s Her.Meneutics, and RELEVANTmagazine online. She’s also been a featured guest on the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show, and the Something Beautiful podcast. Her first book, Two Words: Why Hearing “I’m Gay” Changed My Straight, Christian Life is available now on Kindle, and paperback. You can find links to all her published works on her blog and on her Twitter, @EmilyTimbol. She can also be reached by email, at

Christopher Hooks

Christopher Hooks’ first book, Harry and Meow: The Dog and The Cat was published to little acclaim other than the praise of his parents. He was seven years old.

Henry, Christopher’s first novel, is available now.

Christopher previously worked for Badgerdog Literary Publishing, Inc., publishers of American Short Fiction. He has been a: boat captain, motorcycle technician, realtor, sommelier, actor, aspiring magician, gambler, and chef.

He lives in Jacksonville where a pair of obese cats are kind enough to let him and his family share their space while he works on his next novels.

@chooksbooks on Twitter and Instagram

Jesse Wilson

Jesse is a Jacksonville native who is passionate about the City, his faith, children and writing. He was first published at the age of 16 in his book of poetry titled The Storm Rolling In, and his work can be found in national publications such as Adoptalk. He currently works full time in child welfare, writes for Void Magazine, and does some freelance work in the social media world. Jesse’s current project is an autobiography detailing his time growing up in foster care. Upon completing his autobiography he hopes to pursue more creative writing and author several works of fiction.

You can find Jesse on twitter (@jesselwilson) or at

Amanda Todd

Amanda grew up in the Midwest where she learned to love local, home-grown food, and acres of land. In those early years, she fell in love with letters that formed into words and still prefers conversations through ink and pencil. She has Sufjan’s lyric “thinking outrageously I write in cursive” on repeat behind her eyes.

Amanda writes grammatically incorrect sentences over at Somewhere in the City highlighting people, places, and happenings in Jacksonville. Amanda has fallen in love with Jacksonville through this blog and thinks readers might too.

Amanda admits to not understanding twitter, so you can follow her Instagram account @uhmandatodd

Arash Kamiar

Arash graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida State University in 2003. He specializes in project management with a focus in advertising, marketing, and branding. Aside from being one of the publishers of MetroJacksonville, he is the owner of Solid Profile Media, which specializes in digital publishing and entertainment. Arash is currently developing an advertising agency that focuses on shipping, logistics, and industrial type businesses. In his spare time he’s writing and taking part in art projects.

Contact Arash at

Daniel Modaff

A writer by heart, Daniel works at Florida Blue to pay the bills. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Flagler College, with a focus in History, English, and Art. He is training to become a copywriter and hopes that doing so will free up more time for his own personal writings. He has nothing published yet, but his manuscript The Curse of Rune is ready to find a home.

Kelsi Hasden

Kelsi received her BA in English at UF, majoring on Postcolonial Theory and Women’s Studies with a minor in Art History. She received her MA in Rhetoric and Composition at UNF where she currently teaches freshman composition. Though Kelsi has been writing poetry since she was in middle school, she has always felt like a lost writer. In the last few years she feels that her voice has emerged and her writing has become her own. She has been a Jacksonville resident for six years with her husband. And cats.

Stephen Stokes

Stephen is a hobbiest writer who has one publication to his name, a children’s limerick. He attended the University of Florida where he studied science. He has worked in retail, with animals and done freelance technical writing. He hopes to one day be published but is not holding his breath.

Trip Kimball

Trip is currently involved with discipleship in a local church body, as well as traveling within the US and overseas to teach and train leaders. He is also writing several things—a weekly blog, a book (Unraveling God’s Story), and training materials and Bible studies for leaders and missions.

Jonathan Balcar

Jonathan has always had a passion for writing somewhere deep within his soul. He is finally getting it out in the form of short stories and fictional letters. His writing includes a variety of topics and stories that come from wherever his imagination takes them. Find his writing at or connect with him on twitter @jonathanbalcar.

Angie Bell

Angie grew up in Jacksonville and has been living in St. Johns County since 2005. She has been married 35 years, is the mother of four, grandmother of two and a former teacher (22 years). Now a freelance writer, she writes about northeast Florida at and for St. Johns Magazine. Many of her articles are accompanied by her photos. She also blogs on various topics including faith and family. Her biggest writing goal is to finish her middle-grades book which is set in 1970 Jacksonville. You can read some of her ramblings at ,, and her WordPress blog. You can contact Angie at